A water sport is an alluring possibility for travelers visiting India, and unexpectedly, Kerala is a supported goal for water-based exercises. You may have felt that Kerala is about backwaters, cascades, slope stations, and timber lands, however that are not all. There are various water-based exercises that you can appreciate while at Kerala. Look at 7 of them. And if you want to enjoy these all games with your life partner and looking for the best places in Kerala just visit for Kerala Honeymoon Packages.

Water Sports Tours in Kerala

  1. Boating

Truly, Kerala is a decent goal for waterway boating. Individuals for the most part head to Rishikesh to appreciate the fervor, delight, and dread of going on a crazy ride over the hurrying waters. Be that as it may, Kerala offers the equivalent as well, in addition to pleasant perspectives on towns, perfect slopes, valleys, and the greenery past. You don’t need to be a boating star to get the kicks since water boating in Kerala is a lot simpler and less exhausting. The best goals are Chalipuza River in Tusharagiri, Vythiri River in Wayanad, and Boothathankettu in Ernakulam. The best ideal opportunity to do this would be the June-September period.


  1. Kayaking

Appreciate the best perspectives on Kerala when you go kayaking. It gives you healthy fun, where you have the control in your own hands, while you paddle away taking in the perspectives and the magnificence of what nature needs to give. Make this water sport one of the features of your Kerala visit, and you will have perhaps the best get-away of a lifetime. There are kayaking choices in Aleppey, Kasargode, Kollam, and Nileshwaram. You can paddle through the backwaters, and watch the neighborhood society, watch the vegetation, and even catch a delightful sky in your camera.

scuba diving

  1. Scuba Diving

Is scuba jumping more your sort of fun and experience? There are a lot of scuba plunging spots in Kerala that would offer you the chance to jump profound, particularly in Kochi and Varkala. On the off chance that you’d love to attempt the game, yet not certain about the correct method to do it, look for the assistance of teachers at the scuba jumping focuses and proceed.

Investigating the emerald green waters and savoring the hypnotizing spell marine life can cast over you is an important encounter that can’t be reproduced through some other watersport. There is such a great amount to see and experience in light of the fact that the marine life is so wonderful and regular; you can even call it fascinating and absolutely charming.

bamboo rafting

  1. Bamboo Rafting

Would going on a bamboo pontoon through the thick woodlands along the Periyar River give you the goosebumps? At that point prepare to shudder with the adrenaline surge as you enjoy exciting entire day bamboo boating along the Thekkady, Periyar Reserve. Feeling the wave of water, and getting a charge out of the cool wind filtering through your hair will cause you to overlook everything else, and you will give in a split second to the magnificence of nature in its unadulterated, virgin structure.

While boating along on the lake, you can eat your eyes on the wild creatures drinking water by the banks, pick your camera and shoot photos of the winged animals and creatures.

banana boat riding

  1. Banana Boat Riding

There are various types of drifting choices in Kerala, and banana sailing is one of them. A banana vessel is an expanded pontoon that is molded like a banana. It takes you on a ride along the shoreline on a pontoon. The banana pontoon is pulled at a rapid by a speedboat. The vessel comes, ricocheting along the waves, making it all the additionally exciting. It is an alternate encounter and can be delighted in at Payyambalam Beach in Kannur. It is a short ride, however unquestionably worth the experience. You can appreciate banana vessel rides at Kochi and Kovalam as well.


  1. Swimming

Swimming is an incredible water sport in Kerala and travelers appreciate this action at Kovalam, Varkala, and Aleppey. The intriguing submerged life is an incredible fascination and the travel industry office in the state has made a huge effort to advance this game by bringing in top-notch hardware. In the event that you need to go swimming, you can lease the hardware and appreciate the different life shapes that live calmly unperturbed by what’s going on in a world outside of theirs.

Catamaran Sailing

  1. Catamaran Sailing

Ever liked riding on a yacht? Indeed, the sailboat is a yacht and a boat all folded into one. It is really a customary fishing pontoon utilized by the fishing network at whatever point their fisherfolk dive deep out into the ocean. The sailboat has stunning equalization and mildness, so it is completely protected to be taken out on sprinkling waves. Wooden paddles move the customary catamarans, while the cutting edge ones are mechanized. Be that as it may, the fun is as yet the equivalent and you can appreciate it at Aleppey, Varkala, and Kovalam.