Do you ever wonder how many searches Google gets in a day?
Let alone a whole day. Google gets over 60,000 searches per second on any normal day. 


At this current moment, Google is the biggest search engine in the entire world and one of the biggest businesses. Any normal human of any age or from any part of the world uses Google to find answers at least twice each day. While providing quite probably the most accurate answers to each asked question, Google decided to include the use of the BERT algorithm to change the whole search game.


What Exactly is BERT?

BERT, also known as Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is a technique based on neural networks for Natural Language Processing ( NLP) pre-training. Basically, to explain in simple words, it helps Google understand the received search queries better by understanding the context of the entire query sentence.

Currently, the algorithm is being implemented on the English language queries with an intention to be applied to other languages in the near future. It was introduced in October 2019 by Google and is already influencing the Google working process by a lot.

Basics of NLP and Neural Networks

Neural networks are basically what the neurons in our brain are like. These networks are used to understand the various patterns of data. NLP refers to the branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the process of helping computers understand the natural way humans communicate.

NLP - Natural Language Processing

NLP has been a part of the computer science world for quite a while already. Some of the more common examples where NLP has been in use are chatbots, suggestion tools on mobiles, etc. BERT algorithm is just trying to make use of the advanced features of it to improve the quality of their search engine results.

It is an extension of Google’s previous method of studying queries, also known as RankBrain. The use of BERT is an addition to RankBrain to improve the way Google operates on the millions of searches it receives.

What is the Basic Working of BERT?

With the use of this algorithm, Google will be able to understand the meaning of each mentioned word in the search query more. For example, the word bank holds two completely different meanings in the phrases “bank account” and “bank of the river”

This might be obvious to us as humans but computer programs might not be able to see the difference as clearly. And that’s exactly what this algorithm will help in.

BERT is designed to tell the difference between words by understanding their meaning in the entire query rather than just based on the one word before or after it. It has been pre-trained on a huge amount of data, including Wikipedia and a book corpus.

Google BERT

The model trains the input data entirely without breaking it down part by part. The overall study of the improvements because of the addition of this model has been extremely positive. With this use of BERT, the searcher is more likely to get what he/she exactly wanted than irrelevant results that were not needed.

What is so Special About BERT?

Usage of this algorithm won’t exactly make Google complete experts of the human languages but it will definitely increase its understanding of these searches. While RankBrain worked on the processing by keeping in mind the current query and the previous similar queries it had received, BERT works in the exact opposite way. BERT focuses more on before and after part of the content in the same query to figure out its final output.

Both RankBrain and BERT are invented to understand the user queries better and can be used alternatively or together as the requirement comes. So it is not at all true to say Rankbrain is dead or won’t be used by Google anymore. But It has been said that, since being released, BERT has already affected 10% of the search queries which is a lot considering the number of searches Google processes.

Google BERT Update

Some of the major benefits that BERT will bring to Google are as follows:

  • It makes Google a better search engine than it was before and makes it even more powerful than it already is
  • It will improve the way Google processes and delivers outputs for each query. More relevant results will be displayed because of this model.
  • Overall, it will decrease the time people have to spend to find the exact answer they need.


Being one of the largest search engines in the entire globe, Google is continuously trying to improve themselves. New and new algorithms and techniques are added every few months to improve their work quality.

Saying that BERT is a game-changer is not overreacting for sure. It makes use of some of the hottest technologies in the digital world like AI, Natural Language Processing, etc.  BERT can be a great way to improve the quality of the content that is added on the internet and get rid of irrelevant results. Many of Google’s other projects are also predicted to make use of this model in the near future and that is why BERT definitely deserves a lot of attention.